Посилання з популярних Q&A сайтів — Quora и Reddit

Публікація відповідей на тематичних запитаннях з посиланням чи згадування компанії на популярних Q&A сайтах. Середній трафік сайтів — 220 млн. Середній DR — 93.


Why are Quora & Reddit links gets favorability?


Extended Answers

The average answer is 500+ symbols about your niche with an organically inscribed link.

Old & boosted accounts

Backlinks and answers placed only by old & boosted accounts from 10k views

Real niche-related questions

We’ll find only real questions not created, which are related to your website niche.

Top answer

Our answers can be at the top of the questions previous. It can help you gain referral traffic and also give value to users.

Totally involved in project

Before writing answers we check your niche and are involved in your specific to write only valuable answers.

Drip-feeding answers views

More your answers stay in question more views it can gain during the months or years. That’s why your service and site can gain periodically referral traffic from old answers after a month or year.

Отзывы клиентов


All packages can be combined and placed on both Q&A platforms.


What do I need to provide once I order?

You need to provide: - URLs to your site which you want to build links - Keywords which we can use for anchors or just in text words - Short description of your company or requirements or expectations

Are these Q&A backlinks safe for my site?

Yes, absolutely. Q&A backlinks are used to diversify link mass and gain referral traffic to your site, so it looks really natural because anyone can give advice on Q&A with a link.

Are these backlinks and answers permanent?

We didn't provide permanent backlinks and answers, but we provide an honest warranty from deleting during 30 days. If the link stays for 30 days and didn't delete by admins, it's 90% of the links and answers will live for months or years.

Do you accept all niches on Q&A

Yes, we accept all niches and all sites for building backlinks and writing answers on Q&A.

Do I get top-1 using these Q&A backlinks

I can’t guarantee any position ranking, because need to check your competitors, what they can do and in what values. Also how many articles, links from forums and Q&A or guest posts they place per month. Also need to check their on-page SEO optimization. We'll do for you only a part of linkbuilding.

Are these dofollow backlinks

No, Quora and Reddit only nofollow due to a lot of users, but nofollow links are too underestimated.

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