How to get backlinks for free?


The value of backlinks in SEO cannot be overstated. Even though you have little control over them, they’re also high on the SEO metrics that you can’t influence.

In order for your website to receive organic traffic, it must have backlinks, which are links that point back to your website from other websites (SERP). Knowing the importance of Backlinks is one thing; figuring out how to get them is another. Here, we’ve featured easy ways to get free backlinks to your site.

Is it real to get free backlinks?

When it comes to getting free backlinks, you may be asking if it is even real. There are hundreds of misconceptions about the process of link development for SEO, but always remember that free backlinks are real and possible. In fact, free backlinks might be beneficial to your website’s growth. To get free backlinks, here are some of the finest options to try:

Internal relink

You may achieve a great user experience by making it easy for visitors to navigate your website to find relevant content related to or complement the page they are now on. This is where internal relinking comes in.

Create content that can be linked to each other within your site. Using technical phrases relevant to your sector is one of the most typical ways this can work in your favor. Simply create unique content defining each term and link these contents from the original page.

Guest posts

It may seem like you’ll be only aiding another site in its efforts to grow its resources and attract more visitors, but this is actually a mutually beneficial arrangement. A backlink to your website is always a bonus for guest post writers, but it’s a little price to pay for the host site in terms of traffic generation. One of the reasons why guest posting is so important is that they give you exposure and help you rise in the search engine results page (SERPs).

Forum and blog comments

The blogs and forums online are wonderful at providing information, and you can leverage them to build backlinks. By answering other readers’ questions in the comment section of a blog, you can build blog links back to your site. The same strategy works on forum sites like Quora and on relevant blogs in your field.

To build forum backlinks, you can leave short answers to questions and add a link back to your content as a referral for further information.


Websites that allow you to submit URLs for backlinks are known as directories. You can earn backlinks from well-known directories like Yellow Pages and Yelp. In order to get the best results, directory backlinks must be some of the first links that you generate for your site. Getting directory backlinks is a straightforward process: Identify new directories, shortlist the finest ones, then submit a listing containing a hyperlink to your site to each of them.


Some business websites feature reviews on their homepage, while others devote an entire page to customer feedback. Simply make lists of items you recently used, write a brief positive review for each one,  and reach out to them.

It’s done! They’ll nearly always provide a link to your website as a way of verifying that you are real. To guarantee that your link gets the most visibility, explain that they can utilize your testimonial on their homepage.

Social Reposts

You can use other social media networks to gain free backlinks and market your materials. A social media profile for your business allows you to communicate with customers, showcase your content and generate traffic.  Once you provide content that is relevant to your audience, you can encourage them to repost or share.

Broken links

A 404 error is probably something you’ve encountered at least once on the internet. Backlinks to a site that has been completely removed will result in a 404 error. You can use a browser extension such as Check My Links for Chrome to look for resource pages in your business and see if any of the links are broken. The next step is to email the site owner of the resource page to inform them of the broken link, ensuring to provide the URL of the broken link as well as the location of the link on their page. A nice reminder that your site contains related content on the same subject will suffice to earn you a backlink.


Infographics are attractive visual representations of data that are sure to get attention. To get started, you’d have to develop an idea, write it down, and then hire a designer. Once you’ve finished creating the infographic, you’ll want to post it on your social media accounts, as well as on sites like Visually and

Finally, you should offer your infographics as a guest post to well-known blogs in your field for backlinking.


Online interviews have been a popular trend in the last few years, and they’re a straightforward approach to get backlinks. Be on the lookout for blogs and local web magazines that might be interested in interviewing you. A simple email could help you land an interview.


Backlinks are essential to the growth of your website. However, it is important to get good-quality links pointing to your website rather than gathering multiple low-quality backlinks. The options we’ve shared here are some of the best ways to get quality backlinks at no cost. Leveraging these options is easy and yields expected results when done right.

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