Search engine sanctions are part of an algorithm that is designed to pessimize your site for violating certain norms and standards. Sanctions can be manual or automatic. Manual ones are tried on by Google employees when Google’s automatic algorithms find suspicious signals in relation to certain sites. Internet users can also report this by complaining about the site.

What are the filters of the Google search engine:


Applies to sites with poor on-page SEO optimization. This includes low-quality, non-unique and spammy content that is not useful for the user.


It is applied to sites for using artificial optimization of texts for irrelevant search queries in order to collect more impressions in the search.


Applies to sites for cheating and artificial link building. This includes non-topic links, the use of PBN grids, doorways, and link explosions for young sites.


Applied to new sites, in general, this is not a punitive algorithm, but rather as a period of adaptation of the site to traffic and impressions, since it is completely new.

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