5 TOP Backlinks Strategies for a New Site


Being successful in running a website with lots of engagements requires you to use backlinks. You may have the best content on your website, at least in your own opinion; however, you, in one way or the other, need to generate traffic to your website. Google puts a lot of factors into consideration when ranking pages on search engines, one of which is how influential the website is on the particular keyword. Having backlinks on your website is an SEO strategy you can use to appear more on search engines. Before we move further, let’s define what a backlink is.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink, also known as an inbound link, is a link that leads internet users to your website from other websites. As stated earlier, a backlink is an important tool for ranking your website on search engines.

Why is a Backlinks Strategy Necessary in 2021?

To start with, a backlink is needed to generate organic traffic to your website. Among other numerous factors used in ranking websites on Google, a backlink is one of the most important. The backlink strategy is more than just a link. Let’s just say it’s a recommendation from the other website, more like vouching for your website. The backlink strategy may be difficult to attain for start-ups; however, small businesses need to use this to have an edge against their competitors.In addition, the marketing director at Trujay, Gabi Theard, once said, “your backlink strategy doesn’t just increase your visibility on SEO, but also tells your readers that the website owner is actively working on the website, thereby ranking your website above others.”

Guest Post

Simply put, a guest post is a content created by you but posted on someone else’s website. On the website, you are a guest. It is a good marketing strategy as you’ll be able to build a reputation for your website by mentioning them in the post. However, the majority of people use the guest post as an SEO strategy by embedding backlinks in their guest posts.


Outreach is another SEO strategy used by website owners. To use the Outreach SEO strategy, you need to create valuable links from off-site websites and link back to your website. This strategy is very critical as it may hinder the website’s success if not properly done. However, if well done, the new links will give more exposure and traffic to your website.

Links exchange

Links exchange, also known as reciprocal links, is also usually used to boost SEO. An exchange link occurs when two website owners reach an agreement to exchange links on their websites. This practically means “I’ll put the link to your website on my website while you’ll also put mine on your website.” Although this SEO strategy is no more common among website owners, some of them still use it.

Free Backlinks Mining

Mining backlinks simply means finding a relevant backlink for your website. You can’t just bring links from nowhere and post them on your website. You have to identify your keywords and do proper research to earn a quality backlink. The three important factors to consider when mining quality backlinks are: the keyword, the Advanced Search Operator, and the Footprint.

Usage of Different Backlink Services

There are several ways you can earn quality backlinks, one of which is to leverage a variety of backlink services. We’ll highlight some of them below:

1. Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

Reporters usually require finding quotes and sources from analysts/experts. By this, they use the HARO service. If you have registered as a source on HARO, you can get a backlink to your website for your source.

2. Content Marketing Agencies

You can also pay a content writer to produce quality content for your website. However, you have to pick quality over quantity if you want to get backlinks to your website.

3. Outreach Services

As mentioned earlier, you can also pay for the services of bloggers to help promote your content through organic link building.

4. Guest Post services

You can also hire someone else to create quality and engaging content for your website.

5. SEO Agency

Lastly, the right SEO agency can help you optimize your website for search engines. Since the major reason for backlinks is to rank higher on SEO, their services also include link building.

Publishing Superb Contents

Should you want to create content for your website yourself, listed below is a simple guide to help you create contents that will earn you quality backlinks. Check it out:

1. Create a compelling heading

2. Follow up with a captivating introduction

3. Know your target audience and write accordingly.

4. Hit on your article focus points

5. Engage your audience.

These five points will help your website. You only need to optimize your SEO by frequently using your keywords in the post.


The moment you completely understand how backlinks and SEO link building function, creating the right backlinks for your website will become an easy task. This information will help you pick the best backlinking strategies, thus achieving the online marketing objectives of your company. 

You also need to understand how backlinks are spotted by search engines and how you can leverage them. If a search engine can easily understand your backlinks, it will give you a higher ranking, which means more visibility for your business. This is one of the reasons why quality backlink is crucial for any new site. 

Finally, if you run into trouble, remember that you don’t have to do it yourself. You can hire an SEO agency to help you out with your forum backlinks. These experts understand how to use them and will ensure your new online site gets the visibility it needs.

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